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Ice Bricks: 50p bags or £1.00 bags

Flying Saucers: £1.00 or £2.00 bags

Coloured mini marshmallows: £1.00 bags

Blue and Red Paintballs: £1.00 bags 

Rainbow, Blue Rasberry and Strawberry Twists: £1.00

Apple Strawberry and Blue Raspberry Pencils: £1.00 

Bubblegum Marshmallows: £1.00 bags 

Flumps: 20p each

Golf Balls: £1.00 bags 

Bubblies: £1.00 bags 

Toffee blocks (banana, treacle, nutty brazil, liquorice, original and creamy): 99p each

Ice Brick Packets
IMG_1375 2.JPG
IMG_8743 2.JPG
IMG_5663 2.JPG
IMG_8558 2.JPG
IMG_7844 2.JPG
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