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Coal Dust
Lemon Crystals: Lemon flavoured crystals. £1.30 per 10 grams
Lime Crystals
American Cream Soda
Dandelion and Burdock Crystals
Orange Crystals
Cherry Crystals
Blue Raspberry Crystals: Blue raspberry flavoured crystals. £1.30 per 100 grams
American Hard Gums
Fruit Jellies
Dew Drops
Fruit Pastilles: Assorted fruit flavoured, jelly-like sweet, coated in sugar. £1.30 per 100 grams
Chocolate Peppermint Creams: Dark chocolate covered mint cream. £1.30 per 100 grams
Strawberry Bon Bons
Lemon Bon Bons
Cherry Bon Bons
Blackcurrent Bon Bons: Blackcurrent flavoured chewy bon bons. £1.30 per 100 grams
Vimto Bon Bons
Apple Bon Bons
Drumstick Bon Bons
Blue Raspberry Bon Bons: Blue Raspberry flavoured chewy bon bons. £1.30 per 100 grams
Toffee Bon Bons
Watermelon Bon Bons
Cola Millions: Cola flavoured chewy millions. £1.30 per 100 grams. £1.30 per 100 grams
Blackcurrent Millions
Bubblegum Millions
Apple Millions
Strawberry Millions
Floral Gums
Jelly Babies
Vimto Jelly Babies
Cherry Lips
Mini Jelly Babies
Coconut toasted teacakes
Greys Teacakes
Coconut macaroon clusters
Coconut mushrooms
Scottish Tablet
Uncle Joes Gin Flavours
Sweet Baccy
Cinder Toffee
Dolly Mixtures
Chocolate Cinder Toffee
Uncle Joes Flavours: Danelionand Burdock and Herbal Cough. £1.50 each
Uncle Joes Originals
English Tea Shop Sachets
Marzipan Fruits
Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans
Kendall Mint Cake
Liquorice Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
Cherries in Chocolate
New Berry Fruits
Kendall Mint Cake Superior Brown
Marzipan Bar
Romney Kenal Mint Cake
Mixed Flavour Turkish Delight
Sultans Turkish Delight
Chocolate Pebbles
Walnut Whip
Romney's Chocolate Covered Kendal Mint Cake
Romney's Winter Candy
Romneys Rum an Butter Candy
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