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All Pic N Mix is £1.25 per 100 grams, this can be a mixture or one specific sweet. 

Liquorice Wheels
Chocolate Buttons
Mini Me Chew Bars
White Chocolate Buttons: White chocolate in button shap. £1.25 per 100 grams
Blue Raspberry Babies
Fish and Chips
Small Snowies: White chocolate buttons with sprinkes. £1.25 per 100 grams
Chocolate Footballs: Chocolate balls wrapped. £1.25 per 100 grams
Jazzies: Milk chocolate buttons with sprinkles. £1.25 per 100 grams
Fizzy Cola Bottles
Medium Jazzies
Cola Bottles
Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles
White Mice
Fizzy Fangs
Giant Jazzies
Giant Snowies: Large white chocolate disks wth sprinkles. £1.25 per 100 grams
Sherbet Straws
Candy Necklace
Fizzy Apple Belt
Star Fish
Cable Shocks
Parma Violets
Rainbow Belts
Love Hearts
Tongue Painters
Fizzy Cherries
Fizzy Strawberries
Freaky Fish
Teddy Bears
Chocolate Mice
Strawberry Planks
Bubblegum Bottles
Jelly Beans
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