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Stepping foot into the famous Olde Sweet Shoppe that is Mr Simms is like travelling back in time to yesteryear. You can reminisce to the times when traditional sweet emporiums were packed with jars filled with colourful bonbons and where you would see sweets in abundance. There are over 500 varieties of sweets in our shop in the centre of Bury and the sweets we offer are designed to delight customers of all ages! Since opening in 2010, in Bury, we have strived to please and we now have loyal customers of all ages.

If you have never visited us before, here is your reason to come and say hello… The shelves along the back wall will instantly draw your eye, as the vast amount of sweets are something even Willy Wonka would be proud of.  As you take a second step into the true home of all things sweet, you will be greeted by the biggest smiles in Bury standing behind a large glass counter where we keep our old pick and mix favourites including love hearts and cola bottles. Behind our counter is the place we cherish sweets in jars, you can fill your boots and choose from Cherry Crystals to Barley Sugars and many, many more. Plus, exclusive to Mr Simms we offer black death sweets. There is every conceivable type of confectionary, varieties of fudge you couldn’t make up yourself, Lollipops, Liquorice, Candy sticks and Handmade chocolate.

We know the new exciting sweets are what you want to try, however, if you still love the retro sweets we have a plethora of these we can offer you! The almost impossible to locate “FizzWizz” is even found behind our doors along with Refreshers and Fry’s Chocolate bars. It is also known we have our very own luxurious chocolate which is ideal for gifts. If you are diabetic, we have sweets and chocolate designed for your needs with an equally extensive range. 

Have a walk down memory lane, treat yourself and come and see the world of all things sweet.


We can’t wait for you to join us.  

Call us on: 01617614480



 6 Union Arcade 

Millgate Shopping Centre 







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